To All existing Thrive Members

Once logged in to your PROFILE AREA with your email address and password (using the boxes below) you can access ALL the Thrive resources available to you including the THRIVE-ONLINE assessment tool. You can also change your profile detail, book courses, check your licensing information etc.

You no longer need an extra login for Thrive-Online. As soon as you are logged into your PROFILE AREA, you will see a link to THRIVE-ONLINE and it will take you straight through to the assessment tool.

If you do not know, or have forgotten your password for your PROFILE AREA (see boxes below) you can request a new password or call us on 0845 564 5001/2 if you need help

Please click here to see a Video Tutorial of how to login and see a basic navigation of the New Thrive Online Login and basic navigation

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